March 20, 2019

Company culture as a crucial differentiator

In our IT and SW engineering world, we are (finally) becoming more and more “people-centric”. Many enterprises and corporates realised, that the most precious “assets” they have are their people. Companies invest a lot to their employees to boost their talent and innovative mind, creating competitive advantage for them. On the other hand, behaviors, emotions, mood within the teams, attitude and soft skills in […]
February 19, 2019

“Zero-to-one” delivery manifesto

From startup to scaleup Startup culture during last years have come from hype to mainstream. Business need for innovations and digital transformation added extra fuel to the mindset change. Even tech moguls like Oracle or Microsoft are adopting this innovative mindset. This change is closely related to an adoption of agile delivery methodology, since demand is to create new ideas, evaluate them quickly (via […]
October 30, 2018
Interns are made to take a plunge

Interns are made to take a plunge

Idea Interns are made to take a plunge and we take it, as well. Since the very beginning of, we have been cooperating closely with students from  SPŠE, TUKE and IAESTE. These collaborations were brought to a next level this May in form of a unified HR platform – IT Summer Camp (ITSC) which is focused on acquisition of talented people. Realisation IT […]
September 28, 2018
Localhost Exploration Day 2018

LED 2018

2-weeks ago we hosted an internal Localhost Exploration Day – LED 2018. It is hackathon-style session, but not focused only on coding and thus dedicated only for tech people, but also on bringing up any bright idea to make life in our company better and easier. This year we put emphasis on fintech domain, where our product portfolio is aimed at and where we […]
April 16, 2018
Asteroid Story

How to get an asteroid named after you

Tradition At high school, we were to attend  student research and professional activities program (SOC) organised by the ministry of education. Physics projects led by our physics teacher had already had their rich tradition. Younger students took over projects after the school’s graduates and one of those was called “magnets”. Competition in Bratislava It was about the use of small magnets on pads that […]