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“Think globally,

act locally"

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We are software company focusing on fintech, media and telco domain

We have strong partnership with Technical University in Kosice and IAESTE via our internship programs and platforms like IT Summer Camp
We also participate on multiple local CSR activities.


Adopting agile methodologies as crucial differentiator to achieve desired results and deliver reliable product to customer

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From the localhost company inception, we give strong emphasis on company culture as our main differentiator.
Fair play, “No bullshit” policy, “Adopt your technology” policy and “become a leader” initiative boost people individual qualities and allow them to grow their hard and soft skills.

Our talent acquisition program brings us opportunity to find great young people with fresh ideas and disruptive thinking. Together with software industry veterans, they create balanced development teams combining creativity and rock solid delivery.


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We deliver software products for our partners from fintech, media and telco domains to bring their ideas to life using new tech. Accenting competitiveness, products we deliver help to create high added value, grow business and improve customer experience.

Products tech stack consist of the industry standard technologies in combination with trending hi-end frameworks. We are focusing on JAVA, Spring, Angular5, Kotlin, Swift and we love challenges. We are new tech enthusiasts and thus machine learning, blockchain and crypto don’t sound strange to us.

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Smart future

We are working on
a future called FinTech

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Software that does all the hard work so you can focus on your business

  • Open banking & API economy
  • Robo-Advisor Development
  • Machine Learning for Trading

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+421 908 203 973

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