Overcoming engineering challenges, new technologies and IT in general is our passion



Started as a small startup, now with over 40 employees, we provide our partners with various types of services - from contracted development capacities to in-house development of complex digital solutions or innovative prototypes.

Helping our partners by

Implementing agile development best practices
Strong background in JAVA, JS and PHP based open source frameworks
Tech stack with the newest trends like microservices, RESTful, clouds
Experience in automatic trading systems based on MQL4

People and their talent

Over 40 skilled software engineers in Slovakia, Kosice
External collaborators home and abroad
Cooperation with Technical University - talent acquisition program
And having passion&fun from everything we do! :)

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How we operate

Yes, we are agile positive and in last 3 years we implemented either Scrum or Kanban across most of the projects from our portfolio. Our goal is to bring to customers added value tailoring our knowledge and skills with their needs in terms of agile as a framework rather than textbook.

Agile team outsourcing

Depending on our partner’s needs, we are able to build complete Scrum team working on projects from scratch.

A team usually consists of several Developers, QA engineers, a Scrummaster and a Product Owner. Team closely cooperates with customer’s Product Management departments and is competent to deliver epics based work due to customer’s requirements.

This model has proven it’s effectiveness with customers like automotive industry for which we developed documentation management system or smaller startup companies like Finddop, Yourplace, Walk4us etc.

Computer Science experts as outsourced resources

Our experts have experiences from international companies with providing analysis of requirements, Thorough design and architecture, to development, testing and production release management.

Technologies we use

We follow actual trends in modern technologies and modern development approaches and apply it into every aspect of our work


There is still no single front-end technology to “rule them all”

HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery
Angular 1 and 2
PHP, Laravel


Supporting both battle sides!

Android and iOS



Microservices, RESTful and Oauth 2 friendly framework?

Spring Boot and Spring IO

… and last but not least some new and shiny ones

NoSQL - Elastic, JMS - RabbitMQ


DEVOPS is not for rookies!

Jenkins, Consul, GIT, Maven, Heroku, AWS, Kibana, Hystrix


Well, hello there! Looking for a brand new and exciting opportunity, are we?
Time to join our team mate! As for now, we are interested in ...

Frontend Developer

- CSS 3.0
- JS / TypeScript
Experience with AngularJS framework, ReactJS or PHP is welcome.

Apply here

iOS Junior Developer

- Apple fan
- App interest
- Taste of learning
Apps programming experience
are welcome.

Apply here

Java Developer

- Java EE
- Spring
- Hibernate
Experience with SpringBoot, JPA or Docker is welcome.

Apply here

Haven't found what you've been looking for, yet still want to work with us?
That's awesome and we could not be happier, just leave us your CV and contact details.
We'll get back to you as soon as we have a postition that fits you the best.



Joining localhost means getting quite a few cool benefits as well.

Work environment

No company bullshits

Fair play, no dress code, no fake courtesy, neither pointless meeting nor corporate phrases. Just don’t be an asshole and everything will be fine.


Do you speak English?

Making yourself understood in a second language is important when dealing with our foreign partners. Learn it or improve your current skills.

Time is money

Some guys are early birds, some are night owls. We get that, so there are no core office hours. Just do what you are supposed to and we`ll all be perfectly happy.

From Iron to Mac

To get started, you bring your own iron and once you`re settled we equip you with a professional machine. MacBook or whatever you need to work efficiently.

Tech discuss

Wanna step into the limelight and talk about something cool? Every now and then we do presentations amongst ourselves about new tech stuff, both internal and external.

Xbox, electric drums, kinect, and Project Scorpio Holliday 2017

We`re just humans and we need to flush our minds or reset our cache memory every once in a while. And you can do that right in the office - there`s always someone to join you.

Professional growth

Dealing with customers can be a close-to-a-nightmare experience for some. No worries, you have a chance to grow to become either an architect or a manager. The choice is all yours.

Geeky game evenings

For fans of FPS or realtime strategy, we have games nights. We meet in the office, hookup the equipment, get some pizzas, energy drinks and other stuff and go playing.


Ergonomic chairs, high quality monitors, relax zones to name but a few benefits. All it takes to make you feel comfortable while at work.

Supporting your ideas

Are you doing any professional hobby or a startup besides work? We will support your project or your participation in competitions and events.

Snack & bar

As engineers are people turning coffee into lifesaving products for the customers, there`s always some in the kitchen. Alongside tea, other drinks and a variety of snacks.

Active relax

Office is not the only place where we can discuss and talk about our projects. Maybe wellness, crossfit or another will help you come to a great solution.


Programmer, designer, marketer, economist or somebody studying the lot. Do any of those apply to you?
Are you looking for a thrilling experience or a theme for your project, bachelor thesis or master's thesis?
Contact us and let's come up with an interesting project that we will have lots of fun with.