Media Kit of

Brand Philosophy

The logo of is a unique combination of name, symbol and domain​.

It’s based on the meaning of localhost itself which in computer terminology refers to a link to a currently used computer. Loopback refers to the reserved IP address of in IPv4 protocol or ::1 symbol in IPv6 protocol. The domain of .company is an official company’s domain and upon launching back in 2016 it referred to the end of start-up phase and its transformation to a full-value company.

Company Logos


Use the classic logo for general purposes.


Use the symbol for more compact space.

Color Variations


Use the classic red logo with white background.


Use the white logo with red background.


Use the monochromatic black logo with white background.

Company Colors

HEX #E60000
RGB 230/0/0
CMYK 3/100/100/1
HSB 0/100/90
Lab 49/75/65

HEX #000000
RGB 0/0/0
CMYK 0/0/0/100
HSB 0/0/0
LAB 0/0/0

RGB 166/168/169
CMYK 37/29/29/0
HSB 200/2/66
LAB 69/-1/-1

RGB 238/241/243
CMYK 5/2/2/0
HSB 204/2/95
LAB 95/-1/-1

Company Fonts

Segoe UI

Source Sans Pro

Segoe WP

Company Spelling

Please always spell in small letters. Except when using the abbreviation LH.

Legal Aspects is a registered trademark of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic under numbers: 246267, 246553, 246552. More info here.

For any use of trademark, you need to obtain permission from localhost s.r.o.

Don’t use the trademark without permission

  • to imply a relationship with the
  • and graphics to present, or any commercial activity
  • and modify it for your own purpose
  • to communicate in the name of the