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Junior developer, Senior developer or…


Junior developer, Senior developer or…


Junior developer, Senior developer or…


Junior developer, Senior developer or…


Blogger, Content manager …


Administrator, Deploy Manager or…


Representative, Manager or…


Junior developer, Senior developer or…

Haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, yet still want to work with us?

That’s awesome and we could not be happier, just leave us your CV and contact details.
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In company
culture we...

keep the work-life balance
are advocates of transparency & fair-play
do not complicate, we like simple solutions & products
live with our projects but our friends and fun are also at work
communicate directly and do not solve personal titles, our structure is flat
share knowledge – together we form a corporate knowledge base
lead people to be creative and try new things
focus on results and 100% delivery


Joining localhost means getting quite cool benefits as well.

No company bullshits

Fair play, no dress code, no fake courtesy, neither pointless meeting nor corporate phrases. Just don’t be an asshole and everything will be fine.


Transparent approach and communication are our highest priority. We treat opinions and ideas of our colleagues with great respect using improvement box and kudo wall. Notes from all meetings are tracked and we’ve got a monthly newsletter.


We respect everyone’s individuality. Should you have out of the box thinking, a special cooperation can be agreed on. The only thing we want back is you to blend in our company culture and your delivery, of course

Tech discussions

Wanna step into the limelight and talk about something cool? Every now and then we do presentations amongst ourselves about new tech stuff, both internal and external.


Ergonomic chairs & tables, high quality monitors, relax zones to name but a few benefits. All it takes to make you feel comfortable while at work.

Body load

As engineers are people turning Italian coffee into life-saving products for the customers, there’s always some in the kitchen. Alongside tea, other soft drinks and a variety of snacks & fresh fruit.

Location at IT centre

Nonstop opened modern open space office situated just a few metres from the Technical University – perfect for internships, work experience, work while studying or even better literally during lectures you don’t fancy that much.


We`re just humans and we need to flush our minds or reset our cache memory every once in a while. And you can do that right in the office through Xbox, electric drums, calcetto, chess, card and other board games – there`s always someone to join you.

From Iron to Mac

To get started, you bring your own iron and once you`re settled we equip you with a professional machine. MacBook or whatever you need to work efficiently.

Professional growth

Dealing with customers can be a close-to-a-nightmare experience for some. No worries, you have a chance to grow to become either an architect or a manager. The choice is all yours.

Supporting your ideas

Are you doing any professional hobby or a startup besides work? We will support your project or your participation in competitions and events.

Certifications and courses

Our guys increase their qualification by internal lectures and courses on daily basis. Excellent certifications are also taken for granted. By supporting our people, we grow with them.

Do you speak English?

Making yourself understood in a second language is important when dealing with our foreign partners. Learn or improve your current skills thanks to our excellent lectors directly in office.

Time is money

Some guys are early birds, some are night owls. We get that, so there are no core office hours. Just do what you are supposed to and we`ll all be perfectly happy. And yes home office is also ok once in a while.

Staff Awards

We gladly reward your awesome work by special awards including Performer of the Month and No::1 of the Year. And, of course, we have special appraisal and awards for those who bring the bacon home.

Special ice

Average means nothing to us. Bonuses at every smashing life events. Birthday? You’ll get a gift. Got married or a baby’s born? You’ll get a gift. And yeah, luncheon vouchers are at the upper bound of the law.

Extra time

Need to see a doc or a day off? We know how it feels like and so you’ll be given extra free days in form of localhost days and sickness days. Of course, 100% paid leave. When extra work needs to be done, your brill hourly effort will be rewarded by an extra coefficient.

Active relax

Office is not the only place where we can discuss and talk about our projects. Maybe wellness, crossfit or another will help you come to a great solution.

Geeky game evenings

For fans of FPS or realtime strategy, we have games nights. We meet in the office, hookup the equipment, get some pizzas, energy drinks and other stuff and go playing.

Get-together at cinema

We love movies, series and vlogs! There’s always a buddy to join you at the cinema or we can simply meet in the office and get a movie. Just chilling surrounded by popcorn and cola.

Team Up

Our teambuildings are legendary so you won’t be bored. We keep on moving them to a higher level every time for our people and even partners. Big, monthly, project, special, etc… yippie yeah :)

Join the internship program

Programmer, designer, marketer, economist or somebody studying the lot. Do any of those apply to you?

Are you looking for a thrilling experience or a theme for your project, bachelor thesis or master’s thesis?
Contact us and let’s come up with an interesting project that we will have lots of fun with.


For summer job, use our IT Summer Camp platform

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